Gunslinger Rotations

Smuggler Gunslingers have many different skills they can choose from for DPS. How the gunslinger chains skills together in a continious rotation is very important as it allows them to do max DPS without running out of energy.

Energy Mechanic:
60-100 Energy: Energy regeneration rate = 5 energy per second (should always try to stay in this range)
20-60 Energy: Energy regeneration rate = 3 energy per second
0-20 Energy: Energy regeneration rate = 2 energy per second

Gunslinger DPS Rotations


Sharpshooter Rotation Priority:

Flourish Shot- if armor reduction is not already on the mob/boss
Vital Shot
Aimed Shot
Trick Shot
Speed Shot
- if mob is below 30% health
Charged burst
Flurry of Bolts


Gunslinger PVP Rotations

coming soon.


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